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How do you replace the battery in a Tom Tom?

They are supposed to be rechargeable, so if you can find the right cord just plug it in. If the battery is faulty for some reason and won't charge, get in charge with the com (MORE)
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Is waited a verb?

yes because it is an action word . it is showing the action done by the noun
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What rhymes with wait?

Here are some words that rhyme with wait: Great Date Kate Gate Rate Late Bait Mate Nate Hate Last edited by: Alicia Narain Rate rhymes. so do: hate bait grate mat (MORE)

Who is terry waite?

Terry Waite was the special envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury (head of the Church of England) to the Middle East. He was sent to help attain the release of several hostage (MORE)
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Is waiting an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Waiting is a verb form and gerund (noun),  and can be an adjunct or adjective (waiting patients, waiting  room). The seldom used adverb form is wait (MORE)

What is waiting shed?

Usually used to refer to a passenger waiting area ( roofed-in ) in case of rain etc. where lines of people may wait for their turn to be interviewed by passport control person (MORE)

What is a tom?

The word Tom is a name of a person. It is a well known boy name.
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