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Why did B5 leave Bad Boy Records?

B5 DIDNT LEAVE BAD BOY RECORDS CAUSE THERE LAST SONG THEY DID IN SEPTEMBER WAS FROM BAD BOY RECORDS They did leave Bad Boy Records, I don't know why but just because there la (MORE)
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What happened to the discs Tommy magness recorded for Roy Acuff?

I believe they are held at the Grand Old Opry...Roy asked Tommy to record all the fiddle tunes he knew for him when Tommy was playing for him..Roy got Pete Oswald to back Tomm (MORE)

Why isn't Rob Lowe in the end credits of the movie Tommy Boy?

The reason he isn't credited is because he was doing another movie called The Stand at the same time. But Chris Farley really wanted him for the part of "Paul", so Rob did it (MORE)

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