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Do snakes have keen eyesight for spotting prey?

No - they have very poor eyesight and can only see light and dark (shadows). Their tongues are very sensitive to heat and smell. When a snakes tongue is darting in and out of (MORE)

What is a Tommy gun?

  * It's slang for the old machine guns. The Mob during the 20's would call them Tommy Guns. The characteristic appearance was a large circular magazine for storing a la (MORE)

The the meaning of keen?

    It means "sharp", honed, and it refers to a blade, a person's intelligence or to a feeling. The word generally is not used to describe pointed implements.   -- (MORE)
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Who was Marta Keen Thompson?

Taken from "Marta Keen Thompson has written and published children's songs and choral works since 1982. After completing a B.A. in En (MORE)

Where was Carolyn Keene born?

Carolyn Keene was the pen name for more than a dozen different  authors, so it is hard to answer this question with a simple  answer. The first person to use the pen name, M (MORE)

When did Tommy die?

he dies in 1995 he was shot and they could not bring him back to life
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Was Carolyn Keene a real person?

No She Is Not   Carolyn Keene is actually a name used by all the writers who write NANCY DREW books. There is no record of her birth, death, childlife, or biography. For mo (MORE)
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Who is Tommy Zito?

  ENTERTAINER & PIANO MAN     TOMMY ZITO     Entertainer and Piano Man Tommy Zito has loved music throughout his entire life. he has experiences shared by on (MORE)
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Where can KEEN shoes for women be purchased?

KEEN shoes can be purchased directly from the brand's website. The KEEN website also has a store locator to help customers find nearby stores. In addition, online mega-retaile (MORE)