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Is Tommy Montenaro an actor?

Tommy Montenaro started his acting/modeling at the young age of 18 in Fort Lauderdale, FL for Talent Services Inc. Schooling himself in camera technique and print work under I (MORE)

What did Tommy Dorsey die from?

Tommy Dorsey died accidentally in November 1956, at the age of 51. He had been under severe stress due to an impending divorce and changes in the music business that were af (MORE)

What is a Tommy gun?

  * It's slang for the old machine guns. The Mob during the 20's would call them Tommy Guns. The characteristic appearance was a large circular magazine for storing a la (MORE)

Is Tommy joe ratliff a celeberty?

yes due to the fact that he is the bass guitar player in Adam Lambert's band and him and Adam have kissed multiple times makes him a celebrity, (he has also been interviewed b (MORE)

Does Tommy Joe Ratliff have a girlfriend?

Tommy Joe considers himself single and has not officially been linked with any one girl. However he has been seen in the company of Liz Anne Hill for some time and has become (MORE)
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Where does Tommy John live?

He lives in Hardyston, NJ. Crystal Springs is a golf neighborhood community in which he resides.
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When did Tommy die?

he dies in 1995 he was shot and they could not bring him back to life
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Who is Tommy Zito?

  ENTERTAINER & PIANO MAN     TOMMY ZITO     Entertainer and Piano Man Tommy Zito has loved music throughout his entire life. he has experiences shared by on (MORE)

Why do Americans call English people tommies?

  Taken from Wikipedia ( Tommy Atkins (often just Tommy) is a term for a common soldier in the British Army that was already we (MORE)

When was the Tommy machine gun made?

The Thompson submachine gun was developed between 1917 and 1919 by John T. Thompson. They went into production in 1921 at the Auto-Ordinance Company, though production has sin (MORE)