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Does tomohisa yamashita have a girlfriend?

WELL... it's not so simple... Idol credibility in the far east is much different from that in the west. The thing about Johnny's Jimusho in Japan is that all of their boys ar (MORE)

Is yamashita tomohisa getting married?

Yamashita Tomohisa is currently not engaged. He might be in a relationship currently but is not engaged. Rumors have been going around that he is engaged with Horikita Maki b (MORE)

Does yamashita tomohisa have a blog?

Yes a sort of a blog its a Jweb its not on the internet its something you gotta subscribe for and is only for people in japan and you receive messages of Yamashita everyday an (MORE)
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Does yamashita tomohisa live with his mom?

I think the answer is yes. Bacause I heard that he is living in a apartmen with his mother and sister. And with his grandparents too.
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Is yamashita tomohisa engaged?

no he isn't... he is very busy with his career now... although he really want to marry early... well, if he finds the right girl.