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How do get get the net tonnage of a vessel by its dead weight tonnage?

You can't get it directly, as one is a measure of volume and the other of mass.. Net Tonnage is a measure of volume of a ship, more precisely the volume of a ship that's usef ( Full Answer )
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What is the tonnage?

it is the expession given in terms of volume for the total capacity of vessel(gross tonnage) and for the cargo carrying capacity (net tonnage).
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What is the tonnage act?

The Tonnage Act of 1789 was an act that levyed a 50 cents per ton tax on foreign ships entering American ports, 30 cents per ton on American built but foreigned owned ships, a ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with tonnage?

There are only two generally disused words: dunnage and tunnage. dunnage - cargo cushioning material / baggage (archaic) tunnage - a tax on tonnage *(The term "punna ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between dead weight tonnage and gross tonnage?

Deadweight (DWT)and displacement are expressions of physical weight. and GRT was a calculation of the number of 100 cubic foot 'boxes' a ship could accommodate in its enclosed ( Full Answer )
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What is the tonnage market?

The "tonnage" or "supply scheme" market, is composed of large-volume users who usually receive gas via a direct pipeline from an on-site production facility.
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How do you calculate square meter to tonnage?

You do not. A square metre is a measure of area whereas a ton is a measure of mass. The two are measures of two different things and there can be no conversion between the two ( Full Answer )
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What is the tonnage of the Titanic?

The RMS Titanic was one of three sisters ships. Her sisters were the Olympic and Britanic. Although the Titanic was identical at the begin with her sister ship the Olympic, t ( Full Answer )
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What is the ralb-042jaz tonnage?

The tonnage of the RALB-042jaz system is 3.5 tons. Rheem heating ans cooling products include both indoor heating furnace units and outdoor air conditioners.