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What is the meaning of toolbox talks?

Toolbox talks are short, daily discussions or presentations by supervisors to their employees. They generally last no longer than 15 minutes or so. Often participants gather a (MORE)
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Why is safety toolbox meeting named as toolbox meeting?

A Safety Toolbox meeting is called that as the meeting provides us with information that we carry with us as we do with our toolbox to help us to safely carry out our tasks.
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Canon mf toolbox 4.7?

hi i wanna canon Mf toolbox for canoon MF3010 i can't found it may you help me , please ?
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What do you call the steps on the side of a truck like on some ford rangers they have them and other trucks do too probably made to access the toolbox easier but they are not running boards?

Truck bed Side steps, or just bed steps. Click the link. umm, I think I know exactly what your talking about...i have heard them called sportside steps ...and yes they are v (MORE)