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What is a torch?

something thing that lights up so you can see where you are going in the dark. :)

What is the torch relay?

Well, first of all the Olympics are an international sporting event that has been around since 776 BC! The Olympic flame is lit by reflecting the rays of the sun off a parabol (MORE)

What is lit with a torch?

Hi. The Torch - is lit by the rays of the sun at the temple Hetra in Greece. The rays are shinned into a mirror and the flame ignites. After a long relay(sometimes taking o (MORE)

What is a cooks torch?

As opposed to placing foods under a broiler or a salamander in order to brown, a cooks torch is a portable hand held gas burning tool. It is similar in concept to a welder's t (MORE)

What is torch attack?

Torch Attack - ( t oxoplasmosis, o ther agents, r ubella, c ytomegalovirus, h erpes simplex) any of a group of infections seen in neonates as a result of the infectio (MORE)

Does the Blackberry torch have a torch?

Should do! It has a flash on the back, and if it is anything like the iPhone you should be able (at the expense of hours worth of battery!) to be able to keep it on for a whil (MORE)

How much is the torch?

The blackberry torch models are different prices, here are the prices for all the models of the torch..... blackberry torch 9800- £499.99 blackberry torch 9860-£ (MORE)