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Has the olympic torch ever gone out?

Yes, if you are speaking about the flame that the Torchbearers are carrying. This is lit from the cauldron in Greece and next progresses on the relay. If by chance the flame (MORE)

What does the olympic torch symbolize?

The torch is suppose to be the eternal flame from ancient Greece to the modern world. The interesting thing about it is that it didn't exist and it was Hitler who started the (MORE)

How do you weld with gas torch?

You turn on the Acetylene and ignite it, you start to add oxygen via the control valve. You will see the colour changes from yellow to blue. There are two shades of blue, one (MORE)

Does the Blackberry torch have a torch?

Should do! It has a flash on the back, and if it is anything like the iPhone you should be able (at the expense of hours worth of battery!) to be able to keep it on for a whil (MORE)

What is a MAPP gas torch?

  It's Max Power Propylene fuel, comparable to propane fuel used for torches, etc. It has a higher burning temperature than propane fuel, ~3600ºF as compared to ~3400ºF (MORE)

How do flashlights or torches work?

A tiny light bulb with a reflector is lit up with a battery. The switch connects the electric circuit; the power flows through the wire and the bulb lights up.Current through (MORE)

What is a propane torch?

Typicaly a propane torch is a pair of metal tubes with a brass or cast-iron head holding a copper tip and a base containing a levered valve with mixing cone. The base or handl (MORE)

What is a torch?

something thing that lights up so you can see where you are going in the dark. :)

What is the significance of the torch relay?

The significance of having an Olympic torch relay is because of many reasons from the joy of seeing it pass down your local high street, to showing that the world is united wi (MORE)

Why did operation torch happen?

Operation Torch was attempted mainly because Joseph Stalin was  demanding that the allies open up another front against the Nazis.  Unfortunately, D-Day was still a year and (MORE)