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Stocks 101: Learn Stock Market Basics

The stock market is one of the more intimidating subjects in all of personal finance. You may want to get into the stock market, but are hesitant because you don't understand (MORE)

Who tore the Temple curtain when Jesus died?

This is a great question since the little verse found below seems to be inexplicable without it.   Acts 6:7 (King James Version)   7And the word of God increased; an (MORE)

The Russians 'tore the heart out of the German army.' Do you agree with Winston Churchill?

  Completely!The Russians were the ones who took on the bulk of the German Whermacht and made a full retaliation from it which crushed Germany's best soldiers and left the (MORE)

1996 1500 Vulcan Classic the oil pump tore up?

Oil pump failure is rare , oil pump GEAR failure is quite common. It uses a plastic gear and is prone to wear. I just replaced one on a friends 96 Vulcan 88. Not very difficul (MORE)