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Are police considered civil service?

Yes, police are considered civil servants. Law enforcement is a civil service for the people and the government. Notice the motto, "To serve and protect". However, other juris (MORE)

How do you get admissions in Indian Police Services?

To serve in the IPS one has to pass the Civil Services Examination or be elevated from the state cadre, which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, every year. (MORE)

Roles and responsibilities of the police service?

Here area few of the Police's responsibilities: 1. Protecting the public in any way, shape or form they can. 2. Informing people about issues etc. 3. Helping those in ne (MORE)

Why to join police service?

indeed why? If its anything like the police in London, its all for 1. Any easy life. 2. Where getting involved in crime does pay. 3. The chance and ability to abuse ve (MORE)
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What is the service style of the policing styles?

A style of policing marked by a concern with helping rather than strict enforcement. Service-oriented police agencies are more likely to use community resources, such as drug (MORE)