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What is torque?

Answer Rotational force is usually spoken of as torque . Torque is a term we use to talk about a force that acts on a body to change its rate of rotation. It is the rotation (MORE)
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What is a torque?

A grind in "aggressive skating" in which the skater is grinding with his front foot, leaned forward onto the backslide plate of the skate, with the other foot either grabbed o (MORE)

How do you torque?

Purchase a torque wrench with the correct range. If you need to do heads and high torque bolts get one which goes to 150 ft.lbs. If your torqueing lighter bolts oil pan, intak (MORE)
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What are torques?

Torque is a force that is applied to a lever. (Imagine a rachet. As you tighten a bolt, you push on the handle, which is essentially a lever. This lever exerts torque on the b (MORE)

What is torque i?

TORQUE is a measurment of how strong the engine is,horsepower is how quickly the engine makes power,for example,if you were wanting a fast car for racing you would want more h (MORE)
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What is torque nm?

Torque is a measure of turning power. Nm stands for N ewton M eter. If you have a wrench that's one meter long, and pull at the end with a force of one Newton, the turning f (MORE)