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How do you treat a stab wound to the torso?

1. Apply pressure directly to the wound. If the wound is deep and near a major artery, apply pressure to the artery near the wound to stem blood flow. 2. Elevate the wounded a (MORE)

What does torso mean?

Torso means the main part of the body without the arms, legs and  head.
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Where to get the fighter torso in soul split?

You get it from doing Pest Control which is located in your MiniGames teleport. It cost 100 pts. You get 5 pts for a successful round. Have fun!

What is the average male torso length?

Well the average male torso length is based on the average male height.\n. \nSo you're looking at a torso length of roughly 17-19 inches.\n. \nI'm 6'1" which is above averag (MORE)
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How do you get a longer torso?

The length of your torso is dictated by your spine. Unless you can add another bone in there you are stuck with what you have. Improved answer: ^^ NO? the answer above mine (MORE)
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What is a torso?

  Its the bit of your body that everything comes off. If you remove your head, arms and legs then the bit left is called the torso