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What is the difference between war and total war?

War is a simple general descripition of the act of fighting among nations/religions/races etc. Total war means 2 sides move against each other and pull out every available res (MORE)

Why was World War I called total war?

Total war is when all of the resources within the countries involved are used to support the war effort. World War 1 was considered a 'total war' because everyone, including c (MORE)

What is better Napoleon Total War or Empire Total War?

Napoleon Total War has Napoleons campaigns and battles which are fun, but in the Grand Campaign there are only 4 playable factions: France, Great Britain, Russia, and Prussia. (MORE)

What was the total war strategy of the Civil War?

The total war strategy used by the North to defeat the south was called the Anaconda Plan, and was planned and implemented by U.S. General Winfield Scott. It started with a (MORE)

Was World war 2 total war?

Total war is when a country utilises all of its resources (economic, human labour, military) for a war effort. World War II was a total war for most of its participants, inclu (MORE)

Why was World War 1 was a total war?

Total war is generally understood to mean war between 2 or more countries that apply all their resources to conquering the other country. This usually results in damage to cit (MORE)

What is a total war?

A total war is a war that is unrestricted in terms of weapons used, the territory or combatants involved, or the objectives pursued.

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