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What is tourism?

Tourism is an industry which includes all kind of economic  activities or businesses related to travels, for recreational,  leisure or business purposes, made by a person or (MORE)

Why do you have tourism?

we need tourism so that it helps the country to develop it by means of earning money and also by developing our infra structure for our future tourism.
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Ages of tourism?

1.Pre-industrial 2.The railway age 3.The auto mobile age 4.The jet aircraft age 5.The cruise ship age In case you didn't' notice...... there are 5 ages of tourism.

Disadvantage of tourism on economic tourism?

Jobs involved in the industry of tourism are seasonal and not well paid, this can be very dangerous for countries that become dependent on tourism as their main source of reve (MORE)
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What is mice in tourism?

M>---> Meetings (To organize meetings, to manage all arrangements; which is required in normal general Meetings like Hall, Stationary, board & equipments)   I>-->Incentive (MORE)

How do you understand tourism?

Tourism is a worldwide industry that includes economic  activities related to travels for leisure or business  purposes.   The World Tourism Organization (WTO) relates t (MORE)

WHO are the promoters of tourism?

Hospitality Information Service Knowledge Promoters of Tourism Promoters of tourism bring many different aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry together to promote a (MORE)
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What is bio tourism?

Bio Tourism is activities that are within the respect of cultural,  natural and social resources. These activities would include  preservation of ecosystems, organic farming (MORE)