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What is the Battle of Tours?

  Answer   The battle of Tours occured in 732 when the Frankish army confronted the Muslim army to stop their spread in western Europe. Charles Martel, the Major Dom (MORE)

Battle of Tours?

732 AD - The Battle of Tours, also known as the Battle of Poitiers, was fought between the Moslems and Charles Martel of the Franks. (Martel meaning Hammer). The Moslems did n (MORE)

Did ABBA tour?

After smaller regional tours earlier in their career, ABBA did a major tour of Europe and Australia in 1977, toured the US, Canada and Europe in 1979, and Japan in 1980. Th (MORE)

What is tour guide?

A tour guide is someone you hire to show you the attractions when  you go on vacation. Tour guides are generally knowledgeable about  the attractions and can get better pric (MORE)

What is tour package?

A tour package is a complete vacation venue that includes admission  to specific sites, entertainment attractions, or other such  activities taking place within a specific l (MORE)

What is package tour?

A package tour includes various things like transportation,  accommodation, meals and sightseeing to the major tourist  destinations. They take care of all your requirements (MORE)

Who is a tour guide?

A tour guide is someone who is knowledgeable about a given area and tell people all about it.
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What tour in golf is after the pga tour?

The Nationwide Tour would be the tour before the PGA Tour, the top 25 on the Nationwide tour at the end of the season win PGA Tour cards.
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What is touring package?

A touring package usually includes airport pick-up and drop, hotel room bookings, break fast and diner with local sight seeing. Does not include, snacks on sight seeing trips (MORE)

Who is touring as abba?

No one is touring as Abba today. The band has not performed together in public since December, 1982. There are several Abba tribute and cover acts. The most notable are probab (MORE)