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When is NLT touring?

NLT's tour starts on May 1st 2008. They're touring with Menudo and V-factory in the Bandemonium Tour 2008. Check out,, or

Did ABBA tour?

After smaller regional tours earlier in their career, ABBA did a major tour of Europe and Australia in 1977, toured the US, Canada and Europe in 1979, and Japan in 1980. Th (MORE)

What is tour guide?

A tour guide is a special person who guides tourists around aselective place that they are visiting and offers them correctinformation about the place. Our tourism sector is g (MORE)

Will acdc tour after their 09 tour?

There are dates for early 2010, but it is for the same tour. However, a tour after that has not been announced, so nobody knows. Consider this though, Angus is 54 and Brian is (MORE)

How can you get a tour?

Find promoters that like u,and make friends with them. Stay away from labels because they will cause u to owe them money in the end,its a total rip off :) -Lets Eat Grenades- (MORE)

What is touring package?

A touring package usually includes airport pick-up and drop, hotel room bookings, break fast and diner with local sight seeing. Does not include, snacks on sight seeing trips (MORE)
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Where has Eminem toured?

Eminem toured in the summer of 2010 in Comerica park in Detroit, Michigan and in Yankee stadium in Bronx, New York.
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What is tour package tour?

Entire trip along with accommodation, food, transport, tour guides,taxes, etc., in one all-inclusive price. There are several touragencies that provide complete tour packages. (MORE)