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What is a town?

Answer town n. 1. A population center that is larger than a village and smaller than a city. 2. A territorial and political unit governed by a town meeting, especial ( Full Answer )
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Is there a town named Small Town?

There are rumors of midget colonies in Long Beach, California, on Long Island, New York, in New Jersey and in Virginia. But Small Town? -Not yet!
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How did minstrels get from town to town?

Minstrels were not usually wealthy, but they did sometimes travel with groups of performers, so could possibly sometimes get a ride on a wagon. But in general, they probably w ( Full Answer )
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How are towns then different from towns now?

They weren't much different. In fact, many old cities retain the street names and some of the original streets that were made in that time. If you look carefully you will see ( Full Answer )
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Why is the town Riverton not River town?

Primarily, because place names need not follow rules of grammar. They just have to suggest some 'unique' characteristic.
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Why was a town established in cape town?

The first European settlers in South Africa (and in Cape Town)arrived in 1652 and were representatives of the Dutch East Indiacompany whose task it was to set up a victualling ( Full Answer )
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How was basketball spread from town to town?

Basketball was spread from town to town because everybody enjoyed it so they told their friends, and so on, and so on.
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Was there a town crier in medieval town?

Town criers were the news people of the day. They passed out the newspapers that told events that happened, They were basically the one man news crew of the medieval ages.