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Do townships have mayors?

In the State of Ohio, Townships do not have mayors, rather they have a 3 member Board of Trustees who are elected officials. One board member acts as chairperson of the board. (MORE)

What are townships?

A township is a small area, generally smaller than a town. They arenormally around 35 square miles in area.

What is a township?

From wikipedia, "A township in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania is a unit of local government (see civil township ) subordinate to a county, and distinct from cities and (MORE)

How big were townships?

In the USA a Township was defined as a survey of the public land within the United States, a division of territory that is six miles square, containing 36 sections, each a mil (MORE)

What were townships?

Township had many definitions depending on the location and time period. Some were loosely defined. Some were more formally defined by size, parish, fenced in areas, or a divi (MORE)
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What are townships and sections?

These are arbitrary names for parcels of land, and the names of the items and their legality will depend upon the jurisdiction. 2nd Answer: Townships are 6-mile by 6-mile 's (MORE)

What is industrial township?

An industrial township is an area where factories and warehouses are clustered together,with little or no housing for people.
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