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What is the Commerce Township Michigan?

The Commerce Township in Michigan is a charter township that is a suburb of the city of Detroit. Commerce Township has the Huron River flowing through the area.
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How many acres are in a township?

One section = 640 acres One township = 36 sections Therefore one township represents 23,040 acres
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How many acres is a township?

There are 23,040 acres in a theoretical township. A theoretical township is 6 miles square, containing 36 sections, 1 mile square, of 640 acres each.
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What is a civic township?

Local governments that include a mixture of population centers and less-populated regions. These are local governments that include a mixture of population centers and less-po (MORE)
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How many section in a township?

      36 Sections     That is considered a township In Canada
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Why were townships built in South Africa?

The very first townships in South Africa were a result of the British putting black South Africans as well as the Boers into concentration camps during the Second Boer War. Af (MORE)

Can a township trustee have a criminal record?

Yes, a township trustee can have a criminal record as this is  usually an elected position. If people vote them in, then they can  hold the position.
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How can flood isolate townships?

A flood could possibly isolate a township if it does a lot of damage to the area. It can also isolate a township if the roads into the town are no longer passable.
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How is a township smaller than a county?

A county is a subdivision of a state (in the case of the US) or  even a country (in the case of the UK). It covers quite a large  area.   A township is a collection of h (MORE)