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What is the difference between radiation exposure and contamination?

Radiation exposure is being exposed to radiation (as x rays, gamma, beta, neutrons, alpha, ...etc) but contamination is breathing or ingesting something polluted with contamin (MORE)

What instrument is used routinely to check a person's exposure to radiation?

geiger counter Incorrct. It would be a film badge. A Geiger counter depends on the gas within the metal tube ionizing and a Geiger is hooked to an electric supply. A film bad (MORE)

Why did Radiation over exposure kill Marie curie?

  Madame Curie made two trips to America to receive a gram of radium each time, first from President Warren Harding and eight years later from President Herbert Hoover. (MORE)
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What causes serious radiation exposures in the US?

Answer #1:   Have not resulted from radiological transportation accidents due  largely to the   nature of the material transported and the use of appropriate  protec (MORE)
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What are the ill effects of radiation exposure?

High doses of radiation exposure lead to higher chances of having  cancer later in life. A dose of 100 rems will cause some initial  signs of radiation sickness, such as los (MORE)

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