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How is forensic toxicology done?

The primary concern for forensic toxicology is not the legaloutcome of the toxicological investigation or the technologyutilized, but rather the obtainment and interpretation (MORE)

Who is the father of Toxicology?

Mathieu Orfila is thought of as the modern father of toxicology because he founded the science of toxicology. He brought the art of toxicology to the level of a scientific (MORE)
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Is there scope for toxicology in India?

why not .all the research work based on toxicology.all the food material have toxicant.and every where environment also polluted and will pollute for anthropogenic (MORE)

What do Toxicology Experts do?

A toxicology expert, in legal terms, is someone who has completed astate mandated toxicology training course. After the completion of this course, and the state has issued th (MORE)