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What is the definition of toxin?

an antigenic poison or venom of plant or animal esp. one produced by aderived from microorganisms and couasing disease when introduced into the body tissues but is often also (MORE)
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What is BT toxin?

BT Toxin, Bacillus thuringensis, is a bacterium commonly used as abiological pesticide. It produces toxic chemicals and can beharmful to mammalian blood by damaging red blood (MORE)

Are toxins good?

In most cases, no. The word toxins originate from the word toxic, which is defined as containing material that is capable of causing death and serious debilitation. But if you (MORE)

Are toxins multicellular?

Toxins are poisonous chemicals, which may or may not be produced as the secretion of cells (and if they are, the cells may or may not be part of a multicellular organism).

What is ricin toxin?

Ricin is a proteinic cytotoxin derived from the common castor bean, Ricinis communis. Recovered from the meal of castor beans in the castor oil making process, ricin toxin i (MORE)

What is exfoliative toxin?

Exfoliative Toxins (ET's, ETA and ETB so far) are specific proteinic (30 kDa) serine proteases that hydrolyze desmosomal (connecting) proteins which bond the skin layers toget (MORE)
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Is anthrax a toxin?

anthrax is a deadly toxin that goes into the skin and then into the bloodstream it could kill you in minutes maybe hours it could give you problem with your sight and movement (MORE)
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What does the toxin Endotoxin do?

Endotoxin refers to a toxin which is kept within the bacterial cell and is released when the cell wall is broken. Endotoxin was defined by Richard Friedrich Johannes Pfeiffer. (MORE)