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What is the deadliest toxin?

The bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces a very potent toxin. This toxin is so potent that it can kill seven million people with just one teaspoon. It is on of the deadl (MORE)
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What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridiumbotulinum; it is the most toxic substance known today.
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What are the toxins in antimony?

Antimony is an element, so the only substance that can be found in it is antimony. Antimony is itself a toxin.
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Does Pepsi have a toxin in it?

That is hard to answer. While most of the Internet scares you hear about the acids in sodas rotting your insides and sweeteners causing all kinds of problems at normal dose (MORE)
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What are the toxins in a keyboard?

There are no toxins in keyboards, but using toxins as keyboardcleaners is a popular method for keeping keyboards clean.
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What does botulinum toxin do?

Botulinum toxin blocks motor nerves' ability to release acetylcho-line, the neurotransmitter that relays nerve signals to muscles, and flaccid paralysis occurs.
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Is a toxin bad?

A toxin is a substance that interferes with biological processes, making it deemed poisonous. Toxins can be bad, but it's what you consider "bad". For example, alcohol ( (MORE)
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Is an enzyme a toxin?

No. Enzymes are produced naturally in your body. Their function is to cancel or modify the effects of hormones.
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What is the definition to toxin?

A toxin is a substance that is toxic or poisonous. That is, it has a harmful effect on body systems or organs.
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What are toxins and where do they come from?

Toxins are any substance that can be in any way harmful tothe body. They are also known as poisons. They come from oureveryday life. Things such as air, water, and our food (MORE)