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How traceroute works?

The "traceroute" program uses ICMP messaging and the time to live (TTL) field in the IP header. It works by sending a packet to the intended host with a TTL value of 1. The fi (MORE)

How many UDP packet send in traceroute function?

... as always ... it depends, but when issuing the command from a *nix OE and not specifying the -I option or others manipulating default settings, it will typically send 3 da (MORE)

How does traceroute work?

There are multiple versions of traceroute but generally it uses time to live (ttl). Send a pa let with a ttl of 1 and the next router will send back an error message with its (MORE)
In Linux

What is the traceroute command in Linux?

Traceroute uses ICMP packets to determine what the route internet traffic takes to reach its destination, recording each "hop" (where it goes through a router, hardware firewa (MORE)

What is the importance of Tracert also called Traceroute and how it is used in a criminal investigation?

The word Tracert (or Traceroute) refers to tracing the route thatpacket information is transferred from point to point. In verysimplified terms, every Internet User is assigne (MORE)