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How did Cyclone Tracy impact on the environment?

Cyclone Tracy, 1974, ended in almost complete destruction, which caused a catastrophic disruption to Darwin. Water supplies were down as Darwin's supply was contaminated an (MORE)

What is a lord?

The lords were members of the nobility between the monarchs, who were at the top and included emperors and kings and sometimes princes, and the knights, who were at the bottom (MORE)

When did cyclone Tracy occur?

Cyclone Tracy formed 21 December 1974. It hit Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia December 24-25, 1974. And dissipated December 26th. Cyclone Tracy killed 71 people. Tracy d (MORE)
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Who is Tracy debarge?

El DeBarge's X wife, she re-married years after they divorced but is now widowed, aside from all this she lives a very happy life with her kids

Who is Traci Mnich?

Traci Mnich is a singer and songwriter from Suffield, Connecticut. She has recorded several albums, At Last, The Gift with Noah Lis, and Rainy Mondays. Traci currently tours w (MORE)

Who is Shelley in the story of Tracy Beaker?

Shelley Appleton is played by Nicola Reynolds In series 3, she takes over from jenny Edwards (sharlene whyte, now in Waterloo road) as head care-worker. when the kids move (MORE)