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How do you change the trackmania nations car?

You can change the region of the car by going into profile, vechicles and double cliking on the panel at the bottom of the screen. Trackmania Nations does not allow you to dow (MORE)
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What is TrackMania?

there is way too much to discuss about trackmania, i could use over 2000 words to best describe it, so don't go to wikpedia for your answers. look all over the internet and yo (MORE)
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Is Trackmania Carpark free?

Yes but make sure u say that ur older than 13 other wise it needs some sort of fax thing
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What is a TrackMania 1 Disc Key?

The trackmania 1 disc key is NOT the same as the player key. If you open the box, there should be a sticker on the inside. The sticker will have a series of letters and number (MORE)
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How do you import cars to trackmania from the carpark?

if you have TM united i don't know.. but if you have nations do this: go to c:/documents/tmforever/skins it may be you don't have a 'vehicles' folder, if so, you have (MORE)
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How do you open TrackMania for Mac?

It's a Windows PC game so you cannot open it in a Mac usually - But there is a ported version of TrackMania Nations Forever. It works very well on my Macbook Pro. You can find (MORE)
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Which is better trackmania sunrise or united?

Trackmania united is better. Trackmania united is an amalgam of all previous trackmania games. It contains the races, puzzles, terrains and cars from trackmania original, powe (MORE)
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How do you honk in trackmania?

1)First you go to profile on the home page and then press Inputs on the screen. You should see a page of options on how to change the controls.2) Look for the option that says (MORE)