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Does a trademark have to be registered to be considered a trademark?

No. In the U.S. you get "common-law" rights in a trademark the moment it is first used in commerce in association with your goods or services, but only in the market where you (MORE)

Can you trademark people?

  Answer   You can trademark your name. Trademarking someone elses name is tricky. Even if the person is dead, they may have family members who can oppose. The trade (MORE)

What is trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property, specifically a mark used in trade: a business or product name, logo, or slogan.
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What do you trademark?

  You can trademark a product or service. You can also use other types of "marks" for sounds or building design.
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What is a trademark?

  It is a "mark" or combination of letters, numbers, symbols or "slogan" that identifies a company or it's goods and services as being different from it's competitors.
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Where can you find a trademark?

A mark registered with a U.S. state will be on file with the trademark registrar for that state. Federal Trademarks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (MORE)

What is ebay's trademark?

Ebay's logo or trademark is the word "eBay" with the letter "e" in red, the letter "b" in blue, the second letter "e" in yellow, and the letter "y" in green. Ebay is an online (MORE)

Can you trademark a name?

Yes, provided that you have the authorization to do so. As a general rule the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office does not permit the registration of merely a surname (i.e., a (MORE)

What are the similarities in trademarks and registered trademarks?

A non-registered trademark is called 'common law trademark' in Canada and is typically implemented in order to show the intent to trademark. Unfortunately, common law trademar (MORE)