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What are independent traders?

An independent trader is a person who trades independently. A person who is not employed by a company or an organisation but trades solely by him/her self, mostly else known a (MORE)
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What are unscrupulous traders?

unscrupulous traders are those,their works copying someone works behind his back,these traders produce substandard quality of product and charge high,they don't care their emp (MORE)
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Me and joe or joe and I?

It depends on whether you and Joe are the subject or the object. In general, you would put Joe first and me or I second. If you leave Joe out, it will probably be easier to se (MORE)

Why a sole trader have to take partner?

A sole trader may take on a partner if he decides to expand his business. Say if a sole trader in electronics believes that there is room in his business for growth and wants (MORE)

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What is a sole trader?

Answer   A sole trader is one type of business organization. Or I would say a sole trader is among the many types of organization that exist in a business environment. If (MORE)

What is a day trader?

Day Traders"Day trader" has taken on a negative connotation. Many people think of the amateur individual investors who started investing their own money via online trading sit (MORE)