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What is traffic education?

 Traffic education is the education which describes  the traffic rules and regulations in a clear and simple way.   Some of the regulations are:-   1.)we must not d (MORE)

In USA what is the law on merging traffic who has the right of way merging traffic or traffic flow?

  In most instances a lane of travel will be marked as the lane that is merging with the other lane or lanes. If so, the lane that is NOT ending has the right of way. When (MORE)

What is traffic congestion?

Traffic congestion is a condition on any network as use increases and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased queueing. The most common example is (MORE)

What is the difference between Traffic Signs and Traffic Signals?

Traffic signs can only display one piece of information and they are normally not illuminated. Traffic signs are usually put on posts on the side of the road and tell you to s (MORE)
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Is traffic annoying?

yes traffic is really annoying because when your in a hurry for school or work and there is a traffic jam you relise that your getting late so then thats the time where the tr (MORE)
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Is traffic hazard and traffic problem is same?

They could be the same, but not always. To me, there's a slight difference. To me, a traffic hazard could mean there's something dangerous in the road, such as ice. Perhaps (MORE)
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Why is a traffic jam called a traffic jam?

The word jam means "to press tightly," or "to become wedged" It was first used in 1706. It is often associated with the word identifying the material which is jammed - a log j (MORE)

What are traffic laws?

Traffic laws are a set of rules and regulations. These rules and  regulations have been put into place so that people can travel on  public roads safely.

What are traffic summons?

Traffic summons is a petition sent to an individual to appear in  front of a judge at the local court to respond to traffic  violations which may include driving without a l (MORE)
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Is traffic an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Traffic is a noun, which can also be used  as an adjunct or adjective (traffic laws, traffic lanes).
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