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What are tragedies?

  Answer   a tragedy is like a hardship i guess you can call it that you go through in life and it can also be like trials that you go through an life.....for exampl (MORE)

What is tragedy?

In drama, it's a form in which the characters are impelled to an unhappy outcome by forces or flaws beyond their control. In everyday modern usage the word also describes an (MORE)

What is a revenge tragedy?

A style of drama, popular in England during the late 16th and 17th  centuries. In which the basic plot was a quest for vengeance and  which typically featured scenes of carn (MORE)
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What was the tiananmen tragedy?

In June 1989, students, workers and others gathered in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, for a peaceful protest against various policies of the Communist government. After a couple o (MORE)

What is a tragedy and why is Macbeth a Shakespearean tragedy?

What is Tragedy and Why is Macbeth a Shakespearean Tragedy. Tragedy is a very ancient form of literature. It is the imitation of an action which is serious and complete. The (MORE)

Is murder a tragedy?

As an alternative for the thesaurus it is not but in real life murder does effect the lives of a countless amount of people whether your the murderer or a witness of the victi (MORE)

What is true of a tragedy?

In "Soul Surfer" When the Girl Bethany Hamilton Got her hand got bitten off by a shark. Or in "The Vow" When Paige played by Rachel McAdam's lost her memory when a truck hit h (MORE)
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Why is phaedra a tragedy?

Phaedra killed herself and accused Hippolytus of rape and Theseus  banished and cursed him and he died leaving in a chariot.
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What is personal tragedy?

Something very negative that particularly effects one person: a child's mom dies; a teenager gets into a horrible accident on graduation day; you lose a job and have no prospe (MORE)