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How many train stations are there in the UK?

I reckon there are around 5,900 stations, including those on heritage or private railways, proposed stations and London Underground. Not a definitive answer - but a start! A (MORE)

How do i get from Amsterdam's airport to the train station?

by you can get to a/dam cental station by two ways well 3 if you include a taxi but i wouldn't recommend it far to expensive. When you arrive at schipol and come to the main (MORE)

Who drives trains at a train station?

The conductor Actually, the engineer controls the train's movement in & out of the station. The engineer is in control of the train movements with one exception- when a train (MORE)

Does escanaba Michigan have a train station?

No the old C&NW depot was torn down years ago. It used to be served via the C&NW streamliners called the 400 . Now you need to take an Amtrak Bus from Milwaukee because they a (MORE)

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What are the use of computer in the train station?

In a train station, computers are used to display arrival and departure times, to obtain time table information, to sell tickets and dispense travel advise. The station's cloc (MORE)