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Is trainings the plural of training?

Answer   When used as a noun, the word training is an uncountable or mass noun, so has no plural form. The word training can also be used as a verb or adjective.   * H (MORE)

How do they put a train on the train tracks?

Trains are built sort of like cars. They do each piece individually. They will either be built on the track or will be lifted by crane onto the service track that leads out of (MORE)

What does a train engineer steer a train with?

Well a train need not be steered, only the speed needs to be controlled. The train follows the track due to the grooved wheels. Quite right. The wheels are known as 'flanged' (MORE)

What is sports training and types of training?

  The word 'Training' has been a part of human language since ancient times. It denotes the process of preparation for some task. This process invariably extends to a numb (MORE)

Is trainings an acceptable plural of training?

There is not really a way to make the word 'training' plural. It is in present tense, so you would say, "She is training." It might be that it needs to be worded differently, (MORE)

Who drives trains at a train station?

The conductor Actually, the engineer controls the train's movement in & out of the station. The engineer is in control of the train movements with one exception- when a train (MORE)

What is training calendar in training and development?

Training calendars are the best suited to repeatable and regular demand, such as refresher skills training for infrequently performed technical tasks and for new recruits join (MORE)

What can you do on the train?

On a train there is not much to do. There are normally advertisements on the train walls. You can also check out features and details of the train. You could also look out of (MORE)