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What is training?

Training is Drilling. There's all kinds of trainings. There's Boxing Training,some people punch a punching bag. There's also Japenese-like training. Ninja Training,where peopl (MORE)

What is a train?

Train usually means a series of connected railroad cars pulled or pushed by one or more locomotives. However, any thing that has several connected parts and is trailed may (MORE)

How do you turn the train in park my train?

well first you must beat the elite 4 then go to the train and talk to the police and say yes he will let you in and you must pull the third lever and it will work he will say (MORE)

What does a train engineer steer a train with?

Well a train need not be steered, only the speed needs to be controlled. The train follows the track due to the grooved wheels. Quite right. The wheels are known as 'flanged (MORE)

What can you do on the train?

On a train there is not much to do. There are normally advertisements on the train walls. You can also check out features and details of the train. You could also look out of (MORE)

How do have to be to get on a train?

You have to have a ticket, be wearing clothing including shoes, and not be noticeably drunk. You have to not be carrying any prohibited items. You have to not be smoking.