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How do you train a kitten?

Don't overload your kitten the first few days or weeks you bring them home. Introduce her one day at a time to the rooms in your house, making sure she always knows where her (MORE)

Why isn't training spelled trainning?

Because you double the words ending in CVC (consonant vowel consonant ) like adMIT ... train does't fit in this rule, that's why!
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What is sports training and types of training?

  The word 'Training' has been a part of human language since ancient times. It denotes the process of preparation for some task. This process invariably extends to a numb (MORE)

Is trainings an acceptable plural of training?

There is not really a way to make the word 'training' plural. It is in present tense, so you would say, "She is training." It might be that it needs to be worded differently, (MORE)

What is training effectiveness?

Training effectiveness refers to the success of a given training  program. A program that manages to achieve its training goals is  normally considered successful.
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What is combination training?

combination training is training involving a variety of training styles to achieve fitness and or strength in different ways. (in a combination of ways)
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How do you train chihuahuas?

Training Chihuahuas . Just as you would train any other dog, with a little time, love, and patience. Chihuahuas are not as hard to train as one would think. You can purchas (MORE)

How do you train to be a plumber?

 Get your  high school diploma or GED. A plumber needs a foundation in math  (i.e., algebra and geometry), science (i.e., physics) and computers  (i.e., computer-aided dr (MORE)

Can you train cows?

YESSS!! of course!!! you can train cows to go to the fair and show them or you can train them to follow certain routines in the barn. cows are creatures of habit and the more (MORE)