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What is Mass Trance?

This is a working concept I am still developing which takes many ideas into account.. Current Mass Trance Definition: A mentality characterized by a lack of individuality, ca (MORE)

What is a trance?

when someone is in a trance they are uncontrollable of there body. this is the closest to being possessed. some people start seeing demons and wierd visions and euphorias.

What are trances?

A trance is when you have your eyes wide open and walk like someone is controlling you. You don't know what you're doing.
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Who is Kelly Trance?

Kelly Trance is a dj and producer. She plays various styles of Electronic Dance Music including house, electro, progressive and trance.
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What is kali trance?

Kali trance is a state of your spiritual being. it is a portal to the Goddess kali in which she uses the physical to help her children. Its not something that can be learned, (MORE)
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Is trance bad?

well kinda it means to think ab out somethin u reeley want so it might not be like maybe u reeley want a ice cream cone or some milk that's good but bad might be u reeley migh (MORE)
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What is a dreamlike trance?

A dreamlike trance is a state of consciousness that has adream-like look and feel. An example of this state is highwayhypnosis, or when someone is driving down a freeway feeli (MORE)