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Sentence for transcend?

To transcend means to go beyond the limit or surpass something. Anexample sentence would be: It is always best to transcend thetypical limits of thinking.

What is a transcendent?

In philosophy and literature, belief in a higher reality than that found in sense experience or in a higher kind of knowledge than that achieved by human reason. Nearly all tr (MORE)

What is transcendant?

The word transcendent is an adjective, it is pronounced "tran'sen-dunt" It has two definitions . Exceeding or surpassing usual limits especially in excellence . Beyond and (MORE)
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What is transcendent value?

Transcendent value is a value placed on person, place, entity or thing that is above in value than any other person, place, entity or thing. It is the most valuable. That whi (MORE)
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How do you use transcending?

This word is used a great deal religiously, i.e. Jesus 'love transcends all others. Transcending as such is not used. It means above all others
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Is transcends a noun?

The word 'transcends' is the third person, singular of the verb to transcend. For example: "This issue transcends the importance of normalpolitics."

What is the movie Transcendence about?

"Transcendence" , due to be released April 18, 2014 , stars JohnnyDepp as Dr. Will Caster in a science-fiction film regardingArtificial Intelligence and the scientist who 'dow (MORE)