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What is the transcendent state of Buddhism?

When a Buddhist reaches a transcendent state, they have reached Nirvana (Nibbana) and have become enlightened
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What is the negative aspect of ego transcendence?

  If one talks about ego, one has to distinguish two aspects of ego: positive ego and negative ego. Positive ego is ego that has enabled us to feel like individual human b (MORE)

How do you remove write protection for transcend flash drive V10?

first of all go to this link and download recovery tool . select type:software selec (MORE)

How to remove write protection on 8GB Transcend USB disk?

The problem isn't with write protection. The file system has become corrupt and unreadable, or at least a section of it. Your best option is to use the mformat utility on the (MORE)

How does literature transcend cultures?

Literature transcends cultures because it is not confined to a  particular culture. It goes beyond the limits of the writer.
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