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Why does transcendental meditation have to be taught by a teacher?

When a person learns the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique they are instructed by a certified TM teacher and they get lots of personal, one on one, attention. This is r (MORE)
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Is Transcendental Meditation a philosophy or a belief?

Transcendental Meditation is not a philosophy or a religion. It does not require any change in lifestyle, and you do not have to believe in it, or in anything in particular in (MORE)
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How much does it cost to learn transcendental meditation?

Currently in the US the Transcendental Meditation technique costs around $1500 to learn from a qualified teacher. It is taught over 3 consecutive days for about 1-2 hours per (MORE)

What celebrities have done Transcendental Meditation?

Al Jardine Andy Kaufman Angelo Badalamenti Ashley Deans Ben Foster (actor) Ben Harper Betty LaVette Bevan Morris Bill Hicks Burt Reynolds Candice Bergen (MORE)
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What is the Transcendental Meditation technique?

 There are many different kinds of meditation. Transcendental meditation is just one type. It is derived from the Vedic tradition of India was revitalized by Maharishi Mahes (MORE)
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What is the Catholic church's teaching on transcendental meditation?

Catholic Answer: Father Thomas Dubay, a wonderful priest who is a very good spiritual director and author has a tape set out on Contemplation. In it he discusses transcendenta (MORE)
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Where do the mantras of Transcendental Meditation originate?

The Transcendental Meditation technique and the mantras/sounds it utilizes have their origin in the ancient Vedic tradition which predates all religions and cultures including (MORE)