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What does transcendental mean?

Transcendental means to go beyond and is usually referring to the spiritual or non-physical realm. In Mathematics it relates to a real or complex number that is not the root (MORE)

What is the core belief of American transcendentalism?

The core beliefs of Transcendentalists generally include the following: The importance of a direct relationship with God and with nature.Belief in a kind of cosmic unity betwe (MORE)

What is Transcendental Knowledge?

To transcend is to go to a higher level, to go above and beyond. Transcendental knowledge (if such a thing existed) would be a higher or greater knowledge than the knowledge (MORE)

Transcendentalism is the name for?

Transcendentalism is the name of a type of philosophy associated  with great thinkers like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Immanuel Kant. it  holds that reality and its principle at (MORE)

How did transcendentalism begin?

It was a movement in 19th Century American literature and thought. People should view objects in the world as small versions of the whole universe and to trust their individua (MORE)

Was transcendentalism useful or not?

Yes, Transcendentalism persuaded people to reject conformity and  find their own voice. These qualities came to be respected equally  as much in the next century. The peace (MORE)

How is avatar similar to transcendentalism?

If you're talking about the James Cameron movie, you can get an answer to this by google-ing it, the movie apparently has some connections to Emerson. However, the T.V. serie (MORE)