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What is a transformer?

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electricalenergy between two or more circuits through electromagneticinduction. Commonly, transformers are used to increas (MORE)
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What is transformers?

Transformers are mechanical, intelligent, and sentient beings that lived on the planet Cybertron. There are two sides; one good, one evil. Autobots and Decepticons. Auotots ar (MORE)
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What is a transformation?

Transformation are nothing but changing the image in to different forms by 1)scaling 2)translation 3)rotation scaling:increasing the size of the actual image translation:movi (MORE)
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What does a transformer do?

A transformer converts voltage to different values (the amount ofpower remains the same). If you have a transformer with a turnsratio of 1 to 10, and apply 120 volts to the "1 (MORE)
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What are transformations?

Transformations are processes by which mathematical objects:shapes, numbers, arrays are changed according to some rules.Sliding a plane shape across a coordinate plane is atra (MORE)
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What is transformers about?

its about to different sides battling echother its really its just good V.S evil but some how we all ways get dragged into it (it being the battle) for a more complex answer g (MORE)
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What a transformer is?

An electrical device that either raises or lowers the voltage of electricity. A device used to increase or decrease electricity's voltage and current. A device that increa (MORE)
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What can a transformer not do?

Wash the car, feed the cat, turn lead in to gold... the list goes on and on.
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What is AN on a transformer?

It is electronic device which pass or transform a electric energy from one ckt to anoher ckt The answer is wrong. AN denotes the cooling method of Transformer. AN means Air Na (MORE)
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How can you transform?

It depends on what is meant by transform? For instance, I cantransform a plank of wood into a coffee table. More information isneeded.