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What is a transient current?

Transients . Transients -- they can be currents or voltages -- occur momentarily and fleetingly in response to a stimulus or change in the equilibrium of a circuit. Transie ( Full Answer )
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What is a transient virus?

\nA transient virus is one in which the host's immune system eliminates all virus and viral DNA from the body. In doing so, there is no risk of re-emergence unless by reinfect ( Full Answer )
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What is the transient Voltage?

A transient voltage is a time varying voltage value. Transient says that the voltage value changes, especially from a steady state, to a new value, then back again.
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What is a transient variable?

Transient variable can't be serialize. For example if a variable is declared as transient in a Serializable class and the class is written to an ObjectStream, the val ue of th ( Full Answer )
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What is a transient problem?

A transient problem is a type of problem typically referred to by computer technicians. It's a problem that no matter how hard you try you cannot seem to duplicate. The causes ( Full Answer )
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What is transient overload?

Sustained overload is overload that is continuous, or permanent. A resistive load is a good example. This is the kind of overload you get from simply plugging too many items i ( Full Answer )
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What is transient frequency?

Transient frequencies are short lasting wave form combination from several sources that produces frequencies that did not originate from the source. For example, there is a 40 ( Full Answer )
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What is a transient emission?

Transient emissions are" unwanted high voltage generated during ON and OFF the Electronic or Mechanical switches".this will cause some unwanted function in the system.
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How do you use transient?

The adjective 'transient' , meaning (someone or something) existing or happening, or being in a particular place, for just a short time before passing on to something or some ( Full Answer )
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What is transient tripping?

it is temerory shorting of insulation between live conductor and ground or between two or more live conductors