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What is a transistor?

A transistor is an electronic component known as a semiconductor.  The first practical transistor was invented in 1947 and became an  alternative to vacuum tubes (valves) an (MORE)

What are transistors?

Answer Transistors are semiconductor devices which can be used as switches (to turn on and off an electrical signal or current path) and also as a signal amplifier in a circ (MORE)
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What is transistorized?

A device such as a radio can be said to be transistorized when earlier designs are replaced by designs in which transistors replace vacuum tubes.
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What is does a transistor do?

It is basically an electronic "thing" that has three terminals. Lets say E (emitter), B (base) and C (collector). Lets say we connect C to positive of a battery and E to negat (MORE)

What does a transistor do?

Depending on how the transistor is biased and various other  circuits connected to it, a transistor acts as an amplifier and/or  switch.   When acting as an amplifier th (MORE)

Why the name is Transistor-transistor logic?

TTL - transistor-transistor logic uses connections between transistors to perform logic functions, rather than connections using resistors or diodes. T - transistor input sta (MORE)