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What is the Belief of Sigmund Freud in psychoanalysis?

  Shortened 'cliff notes' version on Freud: He believed that the mind is like an iceberg, mostly hidden -- that our 'unconscious' mind is the key to all our angst.  (MORE)

Are the Irish impervious to psychoanalysis And if so why?

Because of our long history of interior and exterior struggle, as a result this has built a unique emotional fortress, with unique protectors of that fortress. This came about (MORE)

What is psychoanalysis?

  Psychoanalysis involves analysis of the unconscious (which cannot be comprehended)   Therefore one cannot psychoanalyse him/herself through ordinary introspection  (MORE)
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Is fights object of a verb or intransitive or transitive verb?

The word 'fights' is both a noun (fight, fights) and a  verb (fight, fights, fighting, fought).    The noun 'fights' can function as the subject of a sentence  or a c (MORE)