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In a view of transonic condensation over an F4 Phantom the condensation is in the form of two rings rather than one large cloud. How is the effect explained?

On the surface, the Prandtl--Glauert singularity explains this, just as it explains the formation of a single "ring" of condensate about aircraft going transonic. The "cloud" (MORE)
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What is transonic speed?

Actually, transonic speed is not a speed faster than that of sound. Transonic speed is approx. Equal to the speed of sound, not faster.
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What is an example of transonic?

I think it basically means anything flying/driving slightly under or near the speed of sound. Some of the racers on the Bonneville Salt Flats set most of the world land spee (MORE)

Is Transonic speed faster than Mach 1?

By definition, Mach 1 is the speed of sound. Most of the time it is used to refer to the speed of sound in air, but it can be used to refer to the speed of sound in any fluid. (MORE)