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What is transpiration?

Transpiration is the evaporation of cellular water (in the form of water vapour) from the stoma in the leaves of the plants. Stoma are "pores" and are generally located on the (MORE)
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Why does transpiration happen?

Transpiration happens to cool down plants. It also allows for the movement of water up a plant. Transpiration pull is one of the forces that allow for the movement of water up (MORE)

When does transpiration happen?

Transpiration happens when plants release water through pores called stomata(I don't know if I spelled that right).The water becomes dew.It turns to frost in cold weather.
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What is transpiration respiration?

transpiration is a flow of water through plant. On the surface of plant leaves, water vaporizes, thus negative pressure occurs, leading to suction of water from lower parts of (MORE)
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What is transpiration steam?

This depends from individual to individual . Some have a bigger transpirations, other less. so its up to us, if we can control this. .
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What does transpiration do?

Transpiration is the process where plants carry water from the  roots to the rest of the plant,including the leaf, to be used in  photosynthesis.
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What is transpiration'?

It the process where plants absorb moisture through the roots and then give off vapour through pores in their leaves
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