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What does transpiration mean?

Transpiration is the release (evaporation) of water from a plant, typically through the undersides of its leaves. This is for the same purpose as perspiration in some animals: (MORE)

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What is transpiration?

Transpiration is the evaporation of cellular water (in the form of water vapour) from the stoma in the leaves of the plants. Stoma are "pores" and are generally located on the (MORE)
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Why does transpiration happen?

Transpiration happens to cool down plants. It also allows for the movement of water up a plant. Transpiration pull is one of the forces that allow for the movement of water up (MORE)

What does transpire mean?

it is an alternative word for 'happen' or 'turn out' How did that transpire? How did that happen? In botany (the scientific study of plants), transpire also means to give off (MORE)
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What is lenticular transpiration?

lenticels are fine pores present on the older parts of the plants. They are present in the bark of old stems and pericarps of woody fruits. They are made up of loosely arrange (MORE)