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Can the gallbladder be transplanted?

  Yes, the gall bladder can be trasplanted.   The gall bladder is a hollow organ supplying bile to the digestive tract that is mainly used to emulsify fats and oils. Ac (MORE)

Can the liver be transplanted?

Liver transplants are done all the time. The liver is also a very versatile organ; you can transplant just one lobe of a liver, and the missing lobe will regrow on the liver f (MORE)
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Is dialysis the answer or a transplant?

Dialysis is not a permanent solution - the worse the kidney function becomes, the more dialysis is needed, until you're at at a stage where you're in hospital on dialysis full (MORE)

How do you get a heart transplant?

You go and see a cardiologist at a hospital with a heart-transplant unit. If they think that you need a heart-transplant, you will be put through a "transplant assessment" to (MORE)

Why transplant a kidney?

If both of the patients kidney's have failed, they need a kidney transplant to live. (Dialysis is not a permenent solution). This is why kidney transplants happen. (Unfortunat (MORE)
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Can you get a spine transplant?

Not currently - bones are not transplanted these days, since they have artificial replacements instead, which are easier to apply than a "transplant" would be. Plus the spine (MORE)

What is transplantation of crops?

This usually refers to the practice of taking very young plants that have been started in pots or a nursery and moving them to a larger production field. Although expensive, i (MORE)
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Is a stomach transplantable?

It is indeed, however stomach transplants are rarely performed since it is actually possible to live without your stomach.
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