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What can you transplant?

Hearts, liver, kidneys, lungs, small intestine, pancreas, corneas, heart valves. Some other things have been transplanted (both successfully and unsuccessfully), but typically (MORE)

Is there a transplant for crones?

There is no transplant for Crohn's disease. (The large intestine is never transplanted since you can live without it. The small intestine can be transplanted, but it does not (MORE)

How do you get a heart transplant?

You go and see a cardiologist at a hospital with a heart-transplant unit. If they think that you need a heart-transplant, you will be put through a "transplant assessment" to (MORE)

How do you transplants chives?

Depends on if you're transplanting a new plant or an old one. A newplant you can simply plant into the ground like any normaltransplant (though I find it easier to just plant (MORE)
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How are pigs transplant transplant donors?

In some instances, the heart valves from pigs are used in heart-valve transplantation operations in humans. (Other options include human valves, bovine and artificial. ) Ot (MORE)

What is transplanting?

Transplanting is when a plant has been planted somewhere else, and someone digs it up and plants it somewhere else. Unless you are planting a seed, you are transplanting.