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How does transponder work?

"An automatic device that transmits a predetermined message in response to a predefined received signal.. A receiver-transmitter that will generate a reply signal upon p (MORE)

What is a transponder key?

A "Transponder Key" refers to the key you use to start your car. The bulky black part of your key contains a "Transponder Chip". It is a computer chip that contains a code tha (MORE)

What is rfid transponder?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Basically it's a small radio that's sitting there listening. When another radio sends out the message"who are you" the transpon (MORE)

How to fix a transponder?

An aircraft transponder signals position and (usually) altitude too to ground controllers. A nonfunctional transponder can be removed from its mount with an Allen key and se (MORE)

How do radar transponders work?

It works by sending out a continuous data signal, identifying the aircraft. This is picked up by equipment at the control tower and overlaid onto the radar screen. The data sh (MORE)
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What is the meaning of transponder?

The word transponder is a combination of transmitter and responder . It is generally defined as a device which transmits a signal upon receiving a signal. It may be used (MORE)

What do transponders on aircrafts do?

They do a few different things these days but their primary role is that of radar. The use of radar that flies from a station, hits the aircraft and bounces back to the statio (MORE)

What do you mean by transponder?

That rather depends in which context you mean ! When I first saw this question - the transponder I immediately thought of - is the kind that's built-in to an aircraft. An airc (MORE)