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What task are performed by the transport layer?

1. Transport layer ensure data is sent & received successfully  between two computers. If data is sent incorrectly this layer asks  for re-transmission of data.   2. If (MORE)

Similarities between Data Link layer and Transport layer?

Basically Data Layer provides error-free transmission across a single link ( 2 consecutive stations ) where as Transport layer ensures the communication between source and des (MORE)

What are the 3 layers of security a file can have?

The three classes of security a file will have in a Unix-like system are "User", "Group" and "Other". Within each class are three permissions: Read, Write, and Execute. This (MORE)

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What does the transport layer use?

In a standard networking protocol stack, the transport layer provides reliable transfer, fragmentation and de-fragmentation (when necessary), error detection and (within limit (MORE)