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What are transposons?

Transposons are sequences of DNA that can move or transposethemselves to new positions within the genome of a single cell. They were discovered by by Barbara McClintock in 1 (MORE)

How do transposons effect genes?

To be frank, transposons effect genes when they move, or jump to a different location and cause mutations. If it doesn't cause a mutation, it inactivates the gene. For instanc (MORE)

Compare the way transposons and exons affect genes?

Exons are the expressed portions of pre-mRNA. In other words, exons ligated together make up mRNA that is translated in protein (this is in eukaryotes). Transposons are movabl (MORE)

What are transposons capable of doing?

The fact that roughly half of the human genome is made up of TEs, with a significant portion of them being L1 and Alu retrotransposons, raises an important question: What do a (MORE)