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How are longitudinal and transverse waves different?

Transverse waves are those where the movement is perpendicular to the direction of the wave and Longitudinal waves move parallel to the direction of travel. Longitudinal wav (MORE)

What is a transverse fault?

  Transverse faults occur when a block of rock fractures, and the two blocks of rock slide past each other, in opposite directions. Compression, tension, and wrenching or (MORE)

What is a transversal in geometry?

Usually, in geometry, transversal line is the line that intersects two planar lines at two different intersection points. You typically will see the transversal line cut acros (MORE)

Transversal means what?

  A transversal is simply a line that passes through two or more other lines . (the lines should be in the same plane)   Transversals are important becasue if a transve (MORE)

Is a tsunami a transverse or a longitudinal wave?

Short answer: Both. Long Answer: Many people would think that a tsunami is a transverse wave as they go up and down. But like all water waves a tsunami has elements of trans (MORE)

What is a transverse and longitudinal wave?

It's the plain of movement i.e. transverse and longitudinal waves oscillate in transverse and longitudinal plane respectively. in 3d space electromagnetic energy is represen (MORE)
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What is transverse diffusion?

One of the possible of lipid movements in membrane is a transverse diffusion. In a transverse diffusion a lipid flip flops from one leaflet to the other leaflet. It's rare, a (MORE)
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What is a transverse plate?

There are three types of movements for Plate Tectonics and transversion is when two plates slide past each other, causing earthquakes. The plates aren't lifted or submerged in (MORE)