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What is a transverse wave?

A transverse wave is a wave that the displacement of the medium is perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. Examples of transverse waves are a ripple in a (MORE)

What is a transverse fracture?

A transverse fracture is a bone fracture which runs at a right angle to the length (axis) of the bone. See link in Related links for more discussion of categories of fractu (MORE)
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What does transverse mean?

adjective 1.lying or extending across or in a cross direction; cross.2.(of a flute) having a mouth hole in the side of the tube, near its end, across which the player's breat (MORE)

What is a transversal in math?

A transversal is simply a line that crosses through 2 other lines. When through to parallel lines, it creates series of congruent and supplementary angles. http://www.mathopen (MORE)

What are transversal angles?

I think it is when there are 2 parallel lines, then the lines which cut both is called, the angles which are between one side of the transversal and a parallel (MORE)
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What is a transverse uterus?

Describes the side-lying (where the baby's body length is horizontal in the uterus) position of the baby before birth. Unless moved, the baby will have to be delivered by c-se (MORE)
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What is transverse diffusion?

One of the possible of lipid movements in membrane is a transverse diffusion. In a transverse diffusion a lipid flip flops from one leaflet to the other leaflet. It's rare, a (MORE)