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What is a transversal in geometry?

Usually, in geometry, transversal line is the line that intersects two planar lines at two different intersection points. You typically will see the transversal line cut acros (MORE)
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What is the highpoint in a transverse wave?

The high point in a transverse wave is called the 'crest'. if you need more help, the 'trough' is the low point.
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What is a transverse fault?

  Transverse faults occur when a block of rock fractures, and the two blocks of rock slide past each other, in opposite directions. Compression, tension, and wrenching or (MORE)

Transversal means what?

  A transversal is simply a line that passes through two or more other lines . (the lines should be in the same plane)   Transversals are important becasue if a transve (MORE)

Does transverse mean straight?

No, transverse means crosswise. It would be something across something else. You may make a transverse incision across the abdomen, for example (which could be straight or cro (MORE)
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How is transverse myelitis diagnosed?

Medical history, physical examination, brain and spinal cord scans, myelogram, spinal tap, and blood tests are used to rule out other neurological causes of symptoms, such as (MORE)
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What is a transverse plate?

There are three types of movements for Plate Tectonics and transversion is when two plates slide past each other, causing earthquakes. The plates aren't lifted or submerged in (MORE)