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Where is Transylvania?

Transylvania makes up the north-western quadrant of the country and is the largest province of Romania comprising 13 counties ( judeţe ). It is in the north western and c (MORE)

What is the capital of Transylvania?

Transylvania is a city in Romania. Therefore it does not have a capital. There is no official capital city of Transylvania, since Transylvania isn't today an official politica (MORE)
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What are facts about Transylvania?

Bram Stokers, Dracula frightened Europe and started Vampire-Fashion. . Bran castle is a worthwhile uesam of midevil architecture and furnishings.
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Did Transylvania people?

Transylvania is inhabited by the Romanian people; some minorities exist, as Hungarian and Gypsies, as a result of old Asian migrations.

Population of transylvania?

If you define Transylvania as the entire region of Romania situated west of the Carpathian Mountains, its population adds up today to around 7.2 million. Approximately 3 out o (MORE)

Are there vampires in transylvania?

Dracula originally stayed in Transylvania for awhile. He gave rise to the interest of vampires due to his actions. I do not believe in vampires but I believe in people who wil (MORE)

Was Transylvania a nation?

Yes it was. It was a principality, meaning it was ruled by a prince or princess. It lasted into the 1400s, when it was taken over by the Ottoman Turks. After the Ottoman defea (MORE)