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What is penisular plateau?

the peninsular plateau ia tableland composed of the old crys talline ,igneous,and metamorphic was formed due to the gondwana land.this plateauconsists two mainly broa (MORE)
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What country are the Transylvanian Alps?

Also known as the Southern Carpathians, they divide central and  southern Romania, on one side, and Serbia, on the other.
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What are plateaus used for?

Plateaus are used for farming and ranching, sightseeing, hunting,  fishing, off-highway motorized vehicle use, snow mobiling, mountain  biking, logging, recreation, developm (MORE)

What are plateaus?

A plateau is a landform characterized by a flat-topped region that is elevated above the surrounding lands. (Some high plateaus are described as "mountains with their tops cu (MORE)

What is a lava plateau?

A lava plateau is a flat, wide surface (plateau) that is formed when lava comes out of the ground and spreads out very quickly. The lava layers form a lava plateau. With each (MORE)
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Are there plateaus in Arizona?

There are six plateaus in Arizona. The Coconino Plateau is found  south of the Grand Canyon. The Datil-Mogollon Section is part of  the larger Colorado Plateau. The Defiance (MORE)

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