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What is penisular plateau?

the peninsular plateau ia tableland composed of the old crys talline ,igneous,and metamorphic was formed due to the gondwana land.this plateauconsists two mainly broa (MORE)

How are plateaus made?

Answer :   Mountains and Plateaus are formed when tectonic plates collide with one another. The Himalayas were formed and are still growing as the two tectonic plates the (MORE)
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What are plateaus used for?

Plateaus are used for farming and ranching, sightseeing, hunting,  fishing, off-highway motorized vehicle use, snow mobiling, mountain  biking, logging, recreation, developm (MORE)

What are plateaus?

A plateau is a landform characterized by a flat-topped region that is elevated above the surrounding lands.   (Some high plateaus are described as "mountains with their (MORE)

What is a lava plateau?

A lava plateau is a flat, wide surface (plateau) that is formed when lava comes out of the ground and spreads out very quickly. The lava layers form a lava plateau. With each (MORE)
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What is the importance of plateau?

(1) Plateaus and Minerals - The plateaus are famous for  minerals. The plateau of France, the Deccan plateau of India,  Western Australian plateau and Brazilian plateau are (MORE)

What plateaus are there in Africa?

Yes there is, there is the Jos Plateau in the center of Nigeria
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Are there plateaus in Arizona?

There are six plateaus in Arizona. The Coconino Plateau is found  south of the Grand Canyon. The Datil-Mogollon Section is part of  the larger Colorado Plateau. The Defiance (MORE)

Is Florida a plateau?

The state of Florida is a very large plateau. Most of the land is  underwater. The highest point in the entire state is located in the  city of Lakewood. The point is just 3 (MORE)