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What country are the Transylvanian Alps?

Also known as the Southern Carpathians, they divide central and  southern Romania, on one side, and Serbia, on the other.
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What did the Saxons invent?

they in vented the plough became widely used, and the horse collar meant that horses could pull ploughs rather than the less effective oxen. The use of the stirrup made horser (MORE)

What does Saxon mean?

A Saxon means someone who comes from Lower Saxony, which is a state of Germany. Lower Saxony - also called Old Saxony - was once a separate country with it's own language, rel (MORE)

Who were the angles and Saxons?

Anglo-Saxons is the term usually used to describe the invading tribes in the south and east of Great Britain starting from the early 5th century AD, and their creation of t (MORE)

Are Anglo-Saxons and Saxons the same?

The Saxons were one of the three Germanic tribes that came to the Britain, in the centuries after Roman departure. The other two were the Angles and the Jute's. The term Anglo (MORE)

What jobs did Saxons do?

In the village they collected and chopped wood, they churned butter , ground flour. they had builder and metal forgers .Feed the animals. pick the plants. make clothes. Weave (MORE)

What country are the Saxons?

  The Saxons were Germans who invaded Britain, taking advantage of the Roman withdrawal in the early Fifth Century. They ruled England until beaten by the Normans in 1066. (MORE)

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