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What is the meaning of trapdoor?

after the civil war there were many, many musket percussion rifles. about that time the war department sought to switch to the 50/70 center fire cartridge by cutting out a por (MORE)
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What eats trapdoor spiders?

Usually a spider wasp crawls to the trapdoor spider's hole and if manages to get inside, lays her eggs into the spider. The larvae hatch and slowly eat the trapdoor spider fro (MORE)
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What is trapdoor faulting?

A term for a curved fault bounding a block that is hinged along one edge; in the Little Rocky Mountains of Montana

How do you get into the trapdoor on Astro Knights Island?

The locked hatch to Mordred's underground lab is opened by a key from the secret society that meets under the fountain. Take the secret message from the Maid's room and go to (MORE)

How large do trapdoor snails get?

Trapdoor snails do not get that big. The largest one I ever saw was an inch around, but the usual is a lot less. When they are hatched they are really tiny and you don't even (MORE)
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What does a trapdoor spider do before it builds its trapdoor?

After a young trapdoor spider hatches and eventually leaves its mother's burrow it will travel some distance away, find a suitable spot, and dig a burrow. It will generally us (MORE)