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How do trapdoor snails reproduce?

Answer . The male trapdoor snail buys the female snail flowers and then takes her to a dinner in a movie. If he is charming and funny and not too slimey, he will then proce (MORE)
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What is the meaning of trapdoor?

after the civil war there were many, many musket percussion rifles. about that time the war department sought to switch to the 50/70 center fire cartridge by cutting out a por (MORE)
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Can you purchase trapdoor snails online?

The trapdoor snail is not in every local fish shop so you will probably have to go online to find them reliably. These aquatic snails can be kept in both ponds and aquariums a (MORE)
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How do trapdoor spiders catch their prey?

They dig a hole in the ground and use their web to make a gateway of sorts to put over a hole. When they feel vibrations in the ground, they jump out and catch their prey.
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Where do trapdoor spiders live?

trapdoor spiders live in your apartment,home(etc.When there is a drought or other kind of storm and their home is destroyed by that storm.
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What is trapdoor faulting?

A term for a curved fault bounding a block that is hinged along one edge; in the Little Rocky Mountains of Montana
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What color is the Trapdoor Spider?

It is usually dark grey and can have a red-brown abdomen. It resembles a smaller version of the tarantella and the females are bigger than the males.
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How do trapdoor spiders live in soil?

They make burrows in the ground and form a "door" in order to hunt. Their bodies are made to be able to breathe in these conditions.
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What does a trapdoor spider do before it builds its trapdoor?

After a young trapdoor spider hatches and eventually leaves its mother's burrow it will travel some distance away, find a suitable spot, and dig a burrow. It will generally us (MORE)