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What is the treatment for hysteria?

Hysteria can be treated in following ways: . Hysteria home remedy treatment is quite effective. Following are some Hysteria cure home remedies. Read on for home remedy for H (MORE)
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Is there treatment for a stroke?

besides basic pharma grade meds that the patient will be on most likely for the rest of their life, healthy diet and excercise. If it is a stroke induced by a thrombus (athros (MORE)
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What is the treatment for nosebleed?

1. sit the casualty down with his head well forward. Do not let his head tip back; blood may run down the back of the throat, which can induce vomiting. 2.ask the casualty to (MORE)
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What treatments are there for viruses?

Go to your doctor and get some medicine! Don't make it a serious issue!!!! That would be bad!!! Although a number of Antiviral medications have and are being developed the s (MORE)
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What is the treatment of the treatment?

First of all, that isn't a real question. How old are you anyways? Did you loose your train of thought or something? Jeez.. Some people...