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What is the treatment for dandruff?

  There is a shampoo named Nizoral that you can buy in any Drugstore or Supermarkets. Just use it twice a week. And one way to prevent dandruff is to wash your hair thorou (MORE)
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What is the treatment of impotence?

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction: -Diabetes -Hypertension -Atherosclerosis -Stress, anxiety or depression -Alcohol and tobacco use -Some presc (MORE)

What are the treatment of stuttering?

A speech therapist will teach you how to control the muscles used in speech so that you can control your stuttering. Being under stress, overly tired, or having any extreme (MORE)

What is the treatment for diphtheria?

The treatment for diptheria is Diphtheria antitoxin which is the mainstay of therapy. It neutralizes circulating diphtheria toxin and reduces the progression of the disease. T (MORE)
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What is keratin treatment?

What Is Keratin Hair Straightening?Most of today's popular straighteners are keratin-based. Keratin is a protein found naturally in your hair. It can fill in gaps in the hair (MORE)

What is homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathic system of medicine treats the person who is diseased. When visiting a homeopathic physician, the patient is asked a lot of questions regarding his background and h (MORE)
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Treatment for prostatitis?

Treatment    Antibiotics are the first line of treatment in acute prostatitis  (Cat. I). Antibiotics usually resolve acute prostatitis infections  in a very short tim (MORE)