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Is Luminarc Trianon ovenproof?

It is not oven proof as it is made from tempered glass. The more suitable material to be oven proof is boro-silicate glass, bakewares such as Arcuisine is of the most suitable (MORE)

Why is treaty called treaty of waitangi?

The Treaty of Waitangi is called the Treaty of Waitangi because it was signed at Waitangi and was also the position designated and agreed upon by Maori Authorities and New Set (MORE)

Why do Treaties exist?

Treaties mainly exist so nations can coexist peacefully. Some  treaties are related to free trade or the environment, some are  territorial, and others are even punitive.
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Is the Treaty of Trianon Fair?

The answer to this question is very simple: no. I'd just like to list a couple of facts to prove that statement: 1.The Kingdom of Hungary was not a sovereign state at the ou (MORE)

Why was the Treaty of Versailles not a good treaty?

The reason the treaty is considered a failure is because it basically caused WWII. In clause 231-A, Germany is forced to hold blame for the entire war. (even though the war st (MORE)

What is a treaty?

  Answer   a treaty is an agreement between two or more nations.
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What was the treaty of alliance?

The Treaty of Alliance was the defensive alliance between France  and the America, formed during the American Revolutionary War. The  treaty promised military support in cas (MORE)

Jay's treaty did what?

Jay's Treaty was a treaty between the United States and Great  Britain that averted war in 1795. The treaty called for British  troops to withdraw from American forts and in (MORE)

What was the treaty of tordersillas?

The Treaty of Tordesillas was a treaty between Portugal and Spain in 1494 where they agreed to divide up all the land on the Earth outside of Europe between the two of them, n (MORE)