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Is Luminarc Trianon ovenproof?

It is not oven proof as it is made from tempered glass. The more suitable material to be oven proof is boro-silicate glass, bakewares such as Arcuisine is of the most suitable (MORE)

What does mon petit trianon mean?

It means my little trianon. Le Trianon is a toy hamlet built in the park of the Versailles palace, where the queen Marie-Antoinette pretended to play the shepherdess. There (MORE)

What is the meaning of the word Trianon?

It doesn't really have a meaning, it is an actual name, though in either French or Spanish, "Trianon" suggests a special place with pleasant surroundings, beauty and balance.
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Why is treaty called treaty of waitangi?

The Treaty of Waitangi is called the Treaty of Waitangi because it was signed at Waitangi and was also the position designated and agreed upon by Maori Authorities and New Set (MORE)

Is the Treaty of Trianon Fair?

The answer to this question is very simple: no. I'd just like to list a couple of facts to prove that statement: 1.The Kingdom of Hungary was not a sovereign state at the ou (MORE)

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Why was the Treaty of Versailles not a good treaty?

The reason the treaty is considered a failure is because it basically caused WWII. In clause 231-A, Germany is forced to hold blame for the entire war. (even though the war st (MORE)

What is the Grand Trianon used for in Versailles?

  The Grand Trianon was built in Versailles by Louis XIV, and it was designed to be a place where he and his close family could escape from the hectic life of court at the (MORE)

What was Pickney's Treaty?

In Pickney's Treaty, the US talked to Spain and it was established  that America could use the Mississippi to ship goods and use New  Orleans as a port.